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18/10/2017 Applications have today been received for alterations to The Old Ship Cottage, Church Lane. Its reference numbers are 17/02477/PLF and 17/02478/PLB. The deadline for comments to ERYC is 8th November.
05/10/2017 Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14th September are available: go to Parish Council Information/Minutes/2017
08/09/2017 An application has been received today affecting land adjacent to Hall Garth Farm. Its reference number is 17/02700/PLF. The deadline for comments to ERYC is 29th September.
31/08/2017 Councillors have considered aspects of application 17/02640/CLE in some detail. including its rationale, and issues with noise which are now resolved, and have concluded that there are no objections to this application, therefore recommending its approval to ERYC.
16/08/2017 An application has been received today affecting Powder and Paint Manor Farm, Green Lane. Its reference number is 17/02640/CLE. The deadline for comments to ERYC is 6th September. 
The minutes of the meeting on 13th July are now available under Parish Council Information.
A few days ago we received the report of the external auditor on our finances for 2016/17. There's a copy on the website and on the notice board. It doesn't say anything, other than everything is in order, and no fee is being charged.
But I have to do two boring things:
  1. I have to issue this Notice of Audit, which says that the auditing process is complete, and you can inspect the final report by contacting me (01759-318289).  Everything is on the website. and everything important  was on the notice board for ages (see the items below dated 1st June and 11th May).
  2. I have to say that you can buy a copy of the report, which seems even more unlikely, particularly as I have to charge a fee. As the whole document is 6 pages, the fee is £6. Please keep the queue orderly. 
You'll have seen that we published some of the financial information relating to 2016/17 on 11th May. The rest - 9 pages - is now available under Parish Council Information.  In the unlikely event that you want to see even more detail, you can contact me, Noel Joy,  and view all the accounts at a mutually convenient time between 5th June and 14th July,
Some of the documents which were considered on 11th May at the Parish Council Annual meeting, and the documents for the Annual Parish Meeting which followed, are now available here. Under Parish Council Information (Reports)  are the Chairman's Report and the Annual Financial Report for 2016/17.  Under Parish Council Information (Policies and Procedures) are the full text of the Transparency Code (there's a summary on pages 11 and 12) and an up to date Parish Council Asset Register. There are 7 more detailed financial documents to follow.


We should let you know that 3 people have access to edit this website. There's me, Noel Joy;  and two of the Councillors - Neil Hobbs and Steve Ashton.  Steve has done most of the work in designing the site, expanding it and updating it. Without his time and his expertise things would have progressed much more slowly. 


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 Whatever your view on this issue,  there are two documents from Natural England which you should see. The Parish Council agreed, on 14th September, that they should be circulated as widely as possible. One is a proposal; the second emphasises the importance of the Lower Derwent Valley for the protection and preservation of bird species under threat.
You can see them under Parish Council Information/Significant Correspondence or for direct access click here.

Next Event: 17th October @ 19:30 in EC Village Hall

Micron Theater 'Best Foot Forward'  
For more details please click here


Following recent incidents the Parish Council have been requested to remind everyone that there is no ‘open access’ land within the parish. This includes the full extent of the Ings where walkers (and dogs) should remain on authorised rights of way.
Please respect the area in which we live and remember to follow the Countryside Code.


< Be safe - plan ahead and follow any signs

< Leave gates and property as you find them

< Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home

< Keep dogs under close control

< Consider other people





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General Updates

Result of the September Village Hall Draw is published. To check if you're one of the lucky winners click here

Fiona Bruce has submitted a report of the successful Verges Group Wildflower Walk on 25th June 2017. To access the report from the wildflower page of this site please click here.

There are increased incidents of dog poo being left on footpaths particularly the top of the floodbank and the canal.
We are privileged to  live in a very special area. Help us to keep it that way by clearing up after your dog.


A projector is now available for use by community groups when giving presentations. (You will need to provide the laptop/tablet to attach to it). For more information click here.