Image Galleries of East Cottingwith & Storwood

Please select the appropriate slide show from the menu on the left.

Once the slide show has loaded click on the first image and it will load into a larger window. By clicking on the larger image you can step through the other pictures on the page.

Note - where the slide shows go to two or more pages you have to specifically select the page to view the images, unfortunately it will not scroll from page 1 to 2 etc. automatically.


Happy viewing - and if you have a set of images you feel would be of interest to the wider EC&S community, and you don't mind sharing them, then please let one of the Parish Councillors know. 


(Please, can you ensure any submitted images are reduced to less than 700K as the system seems to struggle loading large images and the Administrators have to reduce size and quality of each image to get them to load, which takes time. Thank you.)