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Verges Group Wildflower Walk 25th June 2017



Another successful and well attended wildflower walk took plave in June 2017. To access a report on the walk click on the image below of a Small Skipper butterfly.


Latest Submitted Sightings

06/11/2015 submitted by Di Hammill


Meadowsweet lines the canal because the plant loves moist soil.  The druids revered meadowsweet, presumably they realised its healing powers even then.  Containing Salicylic Acid, Meadowsweet, along with the willow that lines East Cottingwith canal, is natures aspirin.  The  tall jar on the right is it dried into a tea for when my family feel poorly.   The third picture in the meadowsweet series shows meadowsweet ointment - it is an anti-aging too!  (I am really 92).




28/09/2015 submitted by Fiona Bruce

Water chickweed ( myosoton aquaticum or stellaria aquatic)

This pretty little flower is blooming in profusion down near the lock (at the side of the path between the lock and the stile onto the riverbank). I think it is most likely to be water chickweed although I’m happy to be corrected. It has five petals, deeply divided, 10 sepals, cordate  (heart-shaped) leaves opposite each other and grows in a straggly way with many branches. Its stem is hairy and slightly sticky. It is a perennial and flowers from June to October.