List of Wildflowers recorded in and around the villages

Here we will record all wildflower sightings submitted to the Information Site.

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John Barlow has submitted a record of his walk along Hagg lane on 15th November:


Last Sunday (15th November) I walked down Hagg lane and back along the road.  During the walk I saw 15 species of wild flowers in bloom – quite a lot for mid-November and no doubt the result of the mild weather we have been having.  Some of the identifications are fairly general but here is the list:

Three types of umbellifers, dandelion, white deadnettle, daisy, one of the larger members of the daisy family (perhaps oxeye daisy), hawkweed, buttercup, one of the speedwells, clover, common knapweed, white campion, shepherd’s-purse, chickweed.