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Local Bus Service - Thursday only


196 to York

Aughton Main Street 09.30: Ellerton Village Green 09.40; East Cottingwith Ings Lane 09.45:
Sutton on Derwent 09.58:  Newton on Derwent Halfmoon 10.03:  Elvington Air Museum 10.10:
Hull Road @ Black Bull 10.19:  YORK Piccadilly 10.28:  YORK War Memorial 10.36.

196 to Pocklington

YORK War Memorial 13.30:  YORK Merchantgate 13.38:  Hull Road Black Bull 13.46:
Elvington Air Museum 13.56:  Newton on Derwent Halfmoon 14.03:  Sutton on Derwent Main St 14.08:
East Cottingwith Ings Lane 14.21:  Ellerton Village Green 14.26:  Aughton Main Street 14.36.



Other Local Services


EYMS Service no 18 to York bus timetable link:-
HoSM - York timetable
THORNES timetable link ;-
Bubwith - Selby
Acklams - 358 to Goole
The 358 service to Goole is now provided by Acklams and not EYMS. runs on a Tuesday  
Foggathorpe, Bubwith, Breighton, Wressle, Newsholme, Howden (Memorial), Goole (North Street)
Outward Journey:
09:30 Foggathorpe          
09:40 Bubwith                    
09:45 Breighton                  
09:50 Wressle                    
09:55 Newsholme            
10:00 Howden (Memorial)
10:05Goole (North Street) 
Return Journey:
Dep Goole (North Street)
1:30pm Howden (Memorial)
1:45pm Newsholme
1:50pm Wressle
1:55pm Breighton
2pm Bubwith
2:05pm Foggathorpe            
2:10pm HOSM
Woldgate College -
1W Woldgate College
1W Thorpe Le Street - Woldgate College 
Thorpe Le Street 08:15
Everingham 08:20
Seaton Ross 08:30
Bielby 08:35
Pocklington (Carr Lane)08:40
Woldgate College 08:45
1W Woldgate College - Thorpe Le Street  School Days
Woldgate College 15:45
Pocklington (Carr Lane) 15:50
Bielby 15:55
Seaton Ross 16:00
Everingham 16:10
Thorpe Le Street 16:15





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