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The Verges and Wildflower Group was set up to encourage appreciation of the wealth of wild flowers on the verges around the village.  The Groupmonitors the the effect of different regimes of cutting the verges and notes any changes.  The Group would like to encourage the timing of cutting the verges that will best improve the variety of wild flowers.  The verges in this part of East Yorkshire are wide and flat, often with ditches next to the hedge. The flowers attract butterflies, bees and other insects.  Birds feed on the seed heads and barn owls patrol the stretches of long grass looking for mice and voles.  A long unbroken stretch of colourful flowers, particularly along Langrickgate, is a lovely welcoming sight as you enter the village.  


Since the Group was formed it has:

Invited East Riding Council's Biodiversity  Officer to assess the variety of flowers.  

Organised a public information meeting with wildflower expert, Margaret Atherden.

Led two wildflower walks along the lanes looking at common wild flowers.  


Future activities will include a competition for the best photograph or drawing of wild flowers in the verges in 2016.  If you would like to know more about the Group, would like to get involved or simply have suggestions about how to improve the flowers on the verges please contact:

Fiona Bruce - 01759 318222.  alan.bruce1@virgin.net.

Peter Shervington - 01759 319321. petershervington@googlemail.com