East Cottingwith & Storwood Information Site

East Cottingwith has a well appointed Village Hall complete with kitchen, indoor toilets, and oil fired heating. 


Booking details and members of the village hall committee can be found in the Community Group section of this site. Click here for details.


Events planned for the village hall can be entered into the Event diary on this site by sending details via the Contact Us form but if additional information is provided we will include it here with links off the home page to help publicise the event.

Please do not assume that if no event is entered on this site the village hall will be free. You must contact the appropriate member of the committee to make your booking.









Village Hall Draw

£20 Mrs Norton. 57
£10 B.Stallard.    165
£5. S Jackson.    2
£5  A Fozard.      175
£5. S Van Wyk. 155

Many thanks to all you loyal supporters of the Village Hall.

We will be around over February for the 2018 collection!

The Village Hall Committee.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Village Hall Committee

Coming soon..........