You'll probably have seen that the defibrillator is now installed at the bus shelter, central to the village. We hope it will never be needed, but it's there in case of emergency.


The instructions on it are straightforward.


The defibrillator has been funded in three ways; mainly by the SMILE foundation, which provided the machine and half its cost. The other half came from a grant from East Riding Council. And the supply of electricity was funded by the Parish Council.

Thanks in particular to the people at SMILE, who've been very supportive. 

Early basic life support and defibrillation give the best chances of survival for a patient who suffers a cardiac arrest. The provision of defibrillators in rural areas is particularly vital as ambulances may take longer to reach these localities. 
Yorkshire Ambulance Service has supported Smile by providing specialist advice, logging the new defibrillator details with ambulance control to ensure effective use where needed and delivering free familiarisation sessions for new AED sites.
Many local parishes and community groups have also been assisted in their fundraising efforts by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s small grants scheme.
Helen Wise, project manager at the Smile Foundation, said: “Defibrillators are an important life-saving device and we are delighted by the enthusiasm from all involved in the project. 
“All of the new defibrillators will be public access sites, which means they are situated in a secure cabinet, usually on an outside wall, that is accessible 24/7 to anyone in the vicinity who requires it. 
The Smile Foundation provides charities with the skills and resources they need, as well as vital funding, to help them develop and become more sustainable for the future.”
The defibrillator project is one of many ventures that Smile delivers to make a positive difference across Hull and East Yorkshire.