On the Last Day of May

Over 2015 two "Walking the Verges" events were held and enjoyed by many in the village. The events of the first walk on the 31st May have been beautifully described by Yvie Holder and her poem is reproduced here by her kind permission.


On the Last Day of May


We’re looking for wildflowers on the last day of May.

There’s Peter with his scythe, slicing the grass away –

and David helping too, on Chris and Joan’s farm.

Alice watches clever Peter, sees him swinging his arm


from side to side, steady and slow. Right! Off we go again

on our scooters and our bikes, then stop at the far end

outside the park where we play,

because we’re looking for wildflowers on the last day of May.


We spot brambles, Red Campion and yellow Silverweed

and Himalayan Balsam, which is one we really need

to pull up. So we all have a go,

before it smothers so much that nothing else will grow.


Then there’s White Dead-Nettle, with non-stinging leaves,

Stitchwort, Crosswort and Knapweed (loved by bees),

and, down among the grasses some Speedwell, tiny, blue,

and there, by the ditch, I saw Meadowsweet. Did you?


We’re looking for wildflowers on the last day of May.

There! Common Vetch and Comfrey and Mares’ Tails along the way!

Oops! Children fall off bikes and scooters – what a to-do!

And Kaidan wakes up with one slipper and no shoe!


Charlie finds a four-leaf clover; Eliza shares her pens

so Finuala, Queeva and Dorothy can draw pictures – and then

we look for more wildflowers on the last day of May.

There’s pinky-purple Fumitory. Oh! What a great day!


Lucy’s smiling, the sun’s shining and Sam’s sniffing for birds.

Look! Goosegrass and Buttercups and white Shepherd’s Purse!

We must watch out for cars on our quiet country lanes.

We don’t want to get squished! That would be a shame!


Fiona’s done a great job with her stickers and her list.

She’s taught us so much and not a single flower was missed.

Now it’s back to the village hall for cake and tea – hurray!

What a lot of fun it’s been with all our friends today,

finding all those wildflowers on the last day of May!



Yvie. East Cottingwith, 31 May 2015