Town's Land (Educational Part)

Town's Land (Educational Part) is a small charity, operating exclusively within the Parish of East Cottingwith and Storwood, which can date its origin as far back as 1774 when five parcels of land were provided by a local landowner, Ellis Bradley, and let to local farmers on the understanding that the rent from the land would provide for the poor and support the village school.  

Today the Charity maintains ownership of ten acres of land, let to two local farmers, and from this land the Charity derives its income.  That income allows the Trustees to consider applications for modest grants or loans from anyone living within the Parish of East Cottingwith and Storwood.  Because the village school closed in 1971 the Trustees now have wide discretion to support any application they deem suitable.

If you would like to apply for a loan or grant any one of the four trustees would be pleased to hear from you.  The current trustees are:

Julie Harrison Tel 01759 319502 e-mail

Andrew Boothroyd Tel 01759 319307 e-mail

Nina Pairman Tel 01759 319502 e-mail

Neil Hobbs Tel 01759 318113 e-mail