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7/07/2018 There will be a Parish Council meeting on 12th July in the village hall at 8pm. You can see the agenda under Parish Council Information.  
18/05/2018.  The Council had its annual meeting and the public meeting on 10th May. As a result, a lot of information is now in the appropriate places on this website. They include:
  • detailed financial information relating to 2017/18, which we have to display. There are 7 documents, the most important of which are the internal audit report, the statement of governance, and the statement of accounts. Also, anyone can see all the accounts if they want, by contacting me, Noel Joy, between 4th June and 13th July.
  • our policy on the Data Protection Regulations which come into force on 26th May. I hope the document is comprehensive, but appropriate to the size and nature of the Council's work.
  • slightly more readably, there are the Chairman's annual report, and the annual financial report, which includes additional information required under the transparency code.
  • and the draft minutes of the annual meeting and the annual public meeting
Remember that you can view all planning applications, and comment on any current ones, on ERYC's public access website, which you can access from this website by going to Parish Council Information/Planning Applications


We should let you know that 3 people have access to edit this website. There's me, Noel Joy;  and two of the Councillors - Neil Hobbs and Steve Ashton.  Steve has done most of the work in designing the site, expanding it and updating it. Without his time and his expertise things would have progressed much more slowly. 


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The Parish Council have been requested to remind everyone that there is no ‘open access’ land within the parish. This includes the full extent of the Ings where walkers (and dogs) should remain on authorised rights of way.
Please respect the area in which we live and remember to follow the Countryside Code.

< Be safe - plan ahead and follow any signs

< Leave gates and property as you find them

< Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home

< Keep dogs under close control

< Consider other people





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General Updates

The curtains at the village hall have been replaced by blinds. For more details on what is happening at the hall click here

Result of the May and June Village Hall Draw is published. To check if you're one of the lucky winners click here

Please note there are new contact details for the booking of the village hall. To check on updates click here

A report outlining the activities and successes of the East Cottingwith Verges Group over 2017 has been added under Parish Information. To access the review directly please click here.

A projector is now available for use by community groups when giving presentations. (You will need to provide the laptop/tablet to attach to it). For more information click here.