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Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th September by Zoom (due to Covid-19 restrictions) have been uploaded to the website.
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Agenda has been uploaded for the Parish Council meeting to be held by remote meeting on 24/09/2020.
The tool to be used is Zoom.
A document providing guidelines on remote meeting access and protocol can be found with the agenda.
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Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10th September by teleconference have been uploaded to the website.
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Agenda has been uploaded for the Parish Council meeting to be held by teleconference on 10/09/2020.

For details of the agenda and how to make comment if appropriate follow the link here.

Minutes of the PC meeting held on 8th June (via Teleconference due to the COVID-19 restrictions) have been upload.
Also 2020 Financial Statements uploaded. To view click here


Remember that you can view all planning applications, and comment on any current ones, on ERYC's public access website, which you can access from this website by going to Parish Council Information/Planning Applications



Welcome to our East Cottingwith & Storwood information site

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Poster from ERYC summarising their COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan


Update from Humberside Police on Covid-19 scams

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Village happenings.....

'Shindig' cancelled until further notice.



The Parish Council have been requested to remind everyone that there is no ‘open access’ land within the parish. This includes the full extent of the Ings where walkers (and dogs) should remain on authorised rights of way.
Please respect the area in which we live and remember to follow the Countryside Code.

< Be safe - plan ahead and follow any signs

< Leave gates and property as you find them

< Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home

< Keep dogs under close control

< Consider other people





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General Updates


Neighbourhood watch page has been updated for September. This month focusses on Cold Calling Zones.

Update on Hagg Bridge provided by ERYC on 03/07/2020

The work is currently running to programme, obviously the work was tendered for before the current pandemic and the Contractor has had to change some methods of work to accommodate the Government Guidance to the construction industry. This understandably may have some implication on the time it takes to carry out some of the schemes tasks. The work is currently programmed to be completed by the start of October 2020, a penalty clause is in place however as I mentioned before this clause has to be used  fairly and as intended by the contract.


Results of traffic survey on Hagg Bridge

Here are the results. The parish council will feed these in to the next round of correspondence with the ERYC and others.

Totals 0630-2030:

Cars: 2130

Commercial vehicles: 573

Bus/Coach: 12

Agricultural: 23

BIkes: 22

Grand total: 2760

So thats 2700+ vehicles per day that will need to find an alternative (longer) route while the road is closed UNLESS the council agree to install a temporary crossing.

Thanks to everyone for their help and we will keep you posted.


A Natural England video featuring the Lower Derwent Valley has been added to the website under Parish Information / Wildlife/Wildflowers/Wetlands/Waterways
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Under Parish Information / Jubilee Wood a new update has been added relating to the latest tree planting and a review of 2018 activity.

Under Parish Information / Village Hall you will find new information on the Trustees and the latest Village Hall Newsletter.

The Pop-up pub has smashed it again. Thanks to your support over £2000 worth of drinks were sold making £1250 of clear profit after paying for the drinks in favour of Melbourne school funds. Thanks to the friends of the school who looked very festive in their Santa outfits

£303.30 was collected for St Mary's Church as a result of the carol singing around the village on 17th December.  This was an excellent achievement so thank you to all those who welcomed the singers and gave so generously and especial thanks to those who provided much needed refreshment en route.

Lighting the Christmas Tree: This year Eliza Hutchinson was the lucky child to switch on the lights. The carol singing was very good and well attended with mulled wine and mince pies enjoyed by everyone. £75 was raised for St Martin's Children's Hospice. Thank you to everyone who came and made the event so enjoyable.

Thank you to All who attended the Pop up Pub in Storwood on Friday 23rd. Together we have raised over £500 which is a fantastic amount and up from this time last year. 
Heather Verity has volunteered to check the accounting and distribute the funds to the two charities (Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Macmillan Nurses), so the exact amount will be published ASAP. 
Thank you again and we hope to see you on the 21st December when the Friends of Melbourne school will be taking the reins (dressed in Santa suits I hear!)


Note from Julie Nickolson regarding the Flower Festival to mark the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War;
Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who helped and came, to the Remembrance Commemorations in the village. The church has very kindly given their share of the donations back to the fund, to go to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and The Royal British Legion. Which is amazing. So today I have had great pleasure in writing 2 cheques for £1046.70 each. Absolutely fantastic.
(An Image Gallery will be available on this website soon.)


Please note there are new contact details for the booking of the village hall. To check on updates click here

A projector is now available for use by community groups when giving presentations. (You will need to provide the laptop/tablet to attach to it plus appropriate lead). For more information click here.